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Four options are proposed to you to find an information among hundreds of present index cards about the site:

  • Search by place: choose a city or one camp in the list, then to click on OK
  • Search by event: choose an event from the list, then click on ok
  • Search by name: to enter a name, a first name or a pseudonym
  • Looks for by roll: enter a suite of figures without space, for example: 130580.
  • Search on the whole site : enter a name, a first name, a pseudonym or one reference number

Contrary in the « search on the whole site », the search es by « name » or « roll » limit themselves to the index cards of the transported prisoner.

Avoid the common words (« why », « of », «when », etc.). The search does not differentiate capital letters and small letters. Also, the search ignores the accented letters.

It is possible to cross-check to find for example all the transported convicts interned in a same Kommando. Use for it the links of the column situated to the right of the page. You can send an index card for one person of your choice or make an printing optimized by means of buttons situated in the top.